Why I chose to revisit things I didn’t complete in 2020? On the last day of 2020, it felt good to make a list of all the goals accomplished, books read and everything that was done and dusted.

But what about the activities shelved, tasks left unfinished and the goals postponed?

Shouldn’t we acknowledge the plans made and projects attempted with the best intentions even if they didn’t turn out as well as expected?

Jigsaw puzzle Santorini Ranjani Rao
Jigsaw puzzle Santorini Ranjani Rao
Courtesy Ranjani Rao’s personal archives

Here are two of mine:

  1. A long-pending but incomplete 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of a breathtaking Santorini sunset, a nostalgic reminder of a family vacation.

2. A 2020 TBR list on which I didn’t make much progress but ventured away to read books by authors from various countries.

What have you left unfinished?

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