Tuning In To The Zeitgeist In A Pandemic year

How I learned to appreciate streaming video shows

A Zeitgeist Sign — Tuning in to the zeitgeist in a pandemic year, Ranjani Rao
A Zeitgeist Sign — Tuning in to the zeitgeist in a pandemic year, Ranjani Rao
Photo credit Ranjani Rao’s archives — Dresden, Germany

How I learned to watch shows during a pandemic year

Like most people, I spend many hours each day, watching a screen. A laptop for my work and for my writing, a Kindle for ebooks, and of course, a phone to connect with friends and listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

Resisting the zeitgeist is futile

Having successfully avoided the manic following of Game of Thrones and other shows in years past, I didn’t expect this one to be different. But a few that got rave reviews and came highly recommended by people I trust and I am glad I watched.

  1. David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet — Having watched many of Attenborough’s TV shows, it didn’t take much convincing for me to sit down and watch his heartfelt commentary on the sad changes the natural world around us has undergone in his lifetime. But he ends with a hopeful note about how actions taken today may still save mankind.
  2. The Game Changers — A curious mix of science and sports that point towards the benefits of a plant-based diet kept my interest till the end, not only because I am a vegetarian but because the narrative was so convincing.
  3. A Suitable Girl — Not the streaming version of Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy, but the more believable, true-to-life precursor to the super-successful show “Indian Matchmaking” that had everyone talking this year. Following the lives of three young women in India who are on the threshold of marriage felt real, unlike it’s slick followup by the same director.
  4. Shakuntala Devi — A biopic based on the phenomenal life of an extraordinary woman with the unique gift for number who featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in an era when Indian women didn’t have many options. Her story reminded me of my mother’s mathematical training and how it impacted my life.

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