Switching Over to Virtual Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Finding our balance when life as we know it changed

Singing bowl
Singing bowl
Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

Nerd alert

The husband’s weekly routine involves gym visits, squash games, and a trek up Bukit Timah Hill. Being stuck at home is hard for a trivia-loving, sports-obsessed extrovert. Being homebound with three women is outright punishment!

For greater good, and sanity

As an ambivalent ambivert, I vacillate between seeking solitude and craving the company of others. My office routine provides a framework for daily discipline, an opportunity to socialize, and a welcome break from the monotony of household responsibilities. Remote meetings, at best, serve as unsatisfactory substitutes.

Isolation breeds discontent and anxiety

Not surprisingly , many like me gravitate towards religious or spiritual practices to allay fears.

Getting away from parents

The girls missed the freedom of movement that they take for granted. With birthday parties, music concerts, and even school trips being cancelled, they chafed at being stuck indoors, unable to meet friends for impromptu get-togethers to satisfy cravings for pizza and mala.

Family that laughs together

It was strange to see them live through a time when the term “grounded” was not a parental edict but something they voluntarily exercised, from an internal sense of responsibility towards the external situation.

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