I once received a text message from an unknown number asking for help in wearing a sari for a Diwali party. I later found out that the young woman was of Indian origin (having grown up in the UK), was a friend of a friend, who lived in my condo. We had not met before this and probably would not have met if it hadn’t been for this strange request. I went over and helped her. I met her husband, a charming young man, a UK citizen of African heritage and their little daughter who crawled around us as I wrapped six yards of heavy silk fabric on the young lady.

Long story short — it was the start of a lovely friendship. Each time my teenage daughters, outgoing husband or I, meet this beautiful family, we return home with a smile.

A request to help put on a sari was what brought us together. Help asked and help provided, without judgment on either side, can build relationships.

Perhaps you could look at your story in a different light and see how you could have been a better person instead of resenting being an ambassador for a culture.

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I write insightful personal stories about my scientist, immigrant, travel life. 4 books http://bit.ly/RanjaniRao. Share memoir journey -www.ranjanirao.com

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