A new vocabulary for the pandemic. Words, experiences, feelings. Have you heard of a ‘seacation’?

Before Covid-19, I had encountered the word ‘staycation’ but couldn’t understand why anyone would want one. Now I do. I spent two days at a hotel on Sentosa island.

Now it’s time to learn a new, related word – seacation!

I’m going on a cruise.

Where? To nowhere.

Not Norway.


Why? After spending 12 months on a small island, and working from home, I am eager to break the monotony of 2020. Having travelled to 30 countries, this made-up getaway seems laughable. But I cannot go anywhere else. Why not try this as well? Unprecedented circumstances require extraordinary adaptation.

I’m planning to gaze at the endless horizon at a view and a world beyond my currently limited one. With books for company.

What would you take on such a cruise?

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