It’s not easy to send your book baby out into the world

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Last week my book, Rewriting My Happily Ever After — A memoir of divorce and discovery became available to readers everywhere.

As I unwrapped copies of my book on launch day, there was a feeling under my ribs that was a curious mixture of happy butterflies and a quiet sense…

Two novels by Japanese authors consumed in two different formats

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When the Olympics fever began to rise, despite the new normal of our lives that is being held hostage by the rise and fall of Covid-19 cases, I turned towards books about Japan or by Japanese authors. …

And a simple mantra to get to the finish line

Pedicure feet
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“Start a run and make sure you finish the run. Don’t mind how fast or how slow you are running. Just run. But the ultimate goal is to finish” ~ Eliud Kipchoge

Many years ago I signed up for a yoga teacher training program. It was a four-week residential program…

An update on stories chosen for distribution between 19 Jul -16 Aug 2021

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If I look back on the last three months, they have been super busy. Unlike people who take off during the summer to relax, I have spent my days (and nights) on my upcoming book.

Writing was…

Understanding yourself is the first step

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A few weeks ago I wrote about feeling torn between creation and connection and the tug of war between two competing (if not opposing) demands on my time and energy while my book gets into the final lap of being launched.

As I tried to make peace between the two…

Stories can be powerful agents of change if we have the courage to share them

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“Stories bring us together, untold stories keep us apart”~ Elif Shafak

For a long time I was just a reader. First as a bookish schoolgirl and later as a quiet teenager who preferred the sensibly laid out plots in novels and logically solved thrillers to the confusing world around me…

The joys of writing and publishing include making difficult choices

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One evening I sat by the not-so-secret lake hidden in the nature reserve behind my home. It’s my favorite place to unwind after a day spent in front of a laptop. The only view that doesn’t hurt my eyes is a soothing expanse of green or a body of water.

Do nothing or at the very least, do something else

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Earlier this year, when my daughter graduated from high school, she found herself at a loose end. After months of a punishing schedule to prepare for a tough examination, she felt lost.

“I feel guilty sitting around. I should be studying. Or doing something,” she said.

I understood her frustration…


Setting aside time for play may not be easy, but it is essential especially during a pandemic

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While working on the final touches to my memoir, I found myself exhausted from constantly being in front of a screen. From my day job to the online class I’m taking and of course, the book I have been writing, each activity demanded screen time. …

I thought writing my book was the end, but it was just the beginning

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Purpose is a thing you build, not a thing you find ~ John Coleman

In my recent op-ed for the Straits Times, I wrote about the value of work and the worth of an individual. In it, I recalled an interaction that happened over twenty years ago in California. …

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I write insightful personal stories about my scientist, immigrant, travel life. 4 books Share memoir journey

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