A sweet, contemporary love story that asks important questions

Photo credit Ranjani Rao

Every life is a story but does every story merit a book?

Who wants to read a simple, true love story?

One simple tip that can keep you on track

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Over my lifetime, I have lived through years when…


Learn to unwind in your own backyard

Cherry blossoms across a bridge
Cherry blossoms across a bridge
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It doesn’t take much for our interconnected world to come to a halt

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A passport to new experiences


How getting away from my family helped me unwind.

Villa surrounded by greenery
Villa surrounded by greenery
Photo credit Ranjani Rao
  • Be silent
  • Read without interruption
  • Write without a break

As remote as it gets on a small island

Choosing between traveling outwards, inwards, or staying in place

Globe with a stay home sticker
Globe with a stay home sticker
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A simple recipe for finding sustenance in a busy city

Photo credit Ranjani Rao

It is impossible to figure out what happens after you post

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What do you do when the context of your life changes in an instant?

Image credit — Ranjani Rao

Reliving life through writing

Ranjani Rao

I write insightful personal stories about my scientist, immigrant, travel life. 4 books http://bit.ly/RanjaniRao. Share memoir journey -www.ranjanirao.com

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